Air Diffusers

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Air Diffusers Description

A air diffuser is the mechanical device that is designed to control the characteristics of a fluid at the entrance to a thermodynamic open system. Diffusers are used to slow the fluid's velocity and to enhance its mixing into the surrounding fluid. In contrast, a nozzle is often intended to increase the discharge velocity and to direct the flow in one particular direction.

Frictional effects may sometimes be important, but usually they are neglected. However, the external work transfer is always assumed to be zero. It is also assumed that changes in thermal energy are significantly greater than changes in potential energy and therefore the latter can usually be neglected for the purpose of analysis.

Diffusers have one of the most important functions in air management; to control the pattern of the airflow into an occupied space. Our air diffusers are designed by an experienced staff of engineers that use the latest technology to test our products within current industry standards. Several Titus diffusers are also GreenSpec Listed to help achieve LEED certification.

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